Monday, 9 July 2012


Busy week ahead,and some very exciting concept art im working on,finally not raining so I can let my grumpy rabbits out to play...heres a quick sketch of a prussian...the keen eyed of you will spot that this  resembles the prussian tank commander from the Dystopian Wars boxed set...thats coz he's such a great character I had to draw him again :b


Friday, 6 July 2012

French Infantry!!!!

Just a quick squiggle before I start my next Project....Steam Punk French infantry man...mmm maybe a prussian next time....Have a nice week end folks


Mantic games_Mummy!!!

Will post some sci-fi art a bit latter,but heres a couple of rough sketches,Mantic entertainment got in touch and asked if i fancied sketching some ideas for plastic mummies as part of their kickstarter campaign,had a real blast working on these and top guys over at Mantic...